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Join our group of like minded people who are seeking inspiration, motivation, and happiness through mindset shifting and spiritual development.
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My Mission is to Help You Heal


Welcome! I'm Melissa Oatman, creator of podcast, "Awaken Your Inner Awesomeness," and author of the book, "Beautifully Broken."  I'm a healer, a channeler, a teacher, an intuitive and also a mom to two amazing twins. 

I woke up one day and thought to myself, "There has to be more to life than just this hamster wheel I'm stuck on.' I felt like I was living the same day over and over again. I was tired, frustrated, and emotionally drained. I was desperately searching for answers. I know now that I was going through a spiritual awakening, and it triggered massive healing in me. It changed everything. I got started in this business to help other women experience massive healing too. I wanted women to know that you don’t have to wake up every day dreading your life. In fact, it's possible to wake up every day living your dream life! I didn't have an easy path to healing, and I wanted other women to get there faster and with more grace than I did. I wanted to help others find the answers that it took me so long to find.There is nothing more fulfilling to me than seeing other women succeed and thrive, and to know that I contributed to their success...that is priceless!


I do not believe that you found me by accident.  The Universe is always divinely guiding us to those who can help us to live a better life.  Do you want to live a happier life that easier and more abundant.  Of course you do! I have been where you are.  I have felt lost, stuck, and unfulfilled in my life.  I would wake up every day feeling like there had to be more to life than just doing the same thing over and over again.  In 2018, I had a breakthrough.  I went through a spiritual awakening and opened up to my intuitive healing gifts.  I discovered my true purpose in life as a healer and spiritual teacher.  If you are feeling unfulfilled, or if you are stuck in patterns of behavior that aren't yielding you the results in life you desire, or if you simply want to live a happier and healthier life, then I can help you.  I offer so many services to help you heal past emotional pain, help you love yourself more, build your self-confidence, and help you break free from limiting beliefs surrounding money and love. I do not offer cookie cutter solutions.  When I work with my clients, I tap into their energy field to see what healing needs to occur.  Then I develop a complete plan that is tailored to your individual needs to help you achieve results.  Whether it is through my podcast, my book, my coaching sessions, readings, or past life regression, I can help you heal. 





The following is what one of my many clients had to say:

"I began following Melissa after finding her podcasts (which I loved immediately). I loved her inspiring messages, positive energy, and outlook so much that I found her on social media and found her amazing page and lives! Melissa is amazing and compassionate! She is such a great guide and healer! I wish I found her sooner! I recommend following her for weekly inspiration!! Her coaching sessions have been so great in getting me where I need to be. I have done a number of sessions/activities with her from readings to coaching and more, all of which have been amazing!"  ~Victoria


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