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Why is mindfulness so important? Nearly 35 million U.S. children have experienced one or more types of childhood trauma. Trauma actually changes the way the brain functions, and it can cause many different side effects. Exposure to trauma can cause difficulty regulating behavior, trouble with decision making, and it can also cause learning disorders. Exposure to trauma often leads to an increase in anxiety and low self-esteem.

It is extremely important for children to feel safe, confident, and loved. Studies have shown that 10-12 weeks of continuous exposure to mindfulness practices can actually re-train the brain and create new neural pathways in the brain, which in turn increases decision making skills in children, leads to increased self-esteem, and reduces anxiety. In addition, it can help students who are experiencing difficulties in learning.

This book is full of lessons designed to teach mindfulness for kids and teens. Each of these lessons have been careful planned and created based on the latest and best mindfulness practices. It can be used either in a school setting or at home with your own children. Here are just some of the amazing benefits of teaching mindfulness to kids:
It strengthens self-control
It lowers anxiety and stress
It increases positive moods
It results in better decision making
It improves emotional regulation skills
It increases self-esteem
It improves health and body image
It improves social skills
This list goes on and on.

Some of the mindfulness topics included in this book are:
Choosing better thoughts
Victim mentality
People pleasing
Taking back your power
Remaining in control
Body image
Confidence building
Problem solving
Managing stress
Conflict resolution...and so much more.

Mindfulness has so many wonderful benefits for kids. As a teacher or parent, you will see the benefits of mindfulness in the improved behavior, productivity, and attitude of your students or children.

Mindfulness Matters

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