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Transformation Coaching

Wellness Coach

The Benefits of Coaching

Are you unsure of your purpose in life?  Do you feel stuck in an unfulfilling career?  Are you trapped in an unhappy relationship?  Do you have trouble losing weight? Are you experiencing the same patterns of behavior over and over again?  I can help you change all of that.  The best investment you can make is in yourself.  You are worth the time and money spent improving your life.  I will give you a step by step guide to help you achieve your goals. A happy and abundant life is priceless.  A traditional counseling session could cost you upwards of $150 or more, and it is limited by human knowledge and experience.  In a one on one coaching session, we will call on your spiritual team to help put you on your path to fulfilling your soul's purpose. You will get exactly what you need to help you live your best life.  We may do a past life regression, a Reiki energy healing, or a reading.  You will get whatever it is that you need to heal.  Most importantly, you will be saying yes to you. You can't fill other's cups if your cup is empty.  Work with me, and say yes to taking care of yourself first. It is not selfish, in fact, it is one of the most selfless things you can do because you are daring to dream of a better life for you and your family. 


If you are feeling lost or stuck in any area of your life, then I can help. 

How can finding your purpose help you?  I will work with you to create a step by step guide for your life that includes the tools you need to help you get the results you want.  Whether you want to:

  • Lose weight and live more comfortably in your own body

  • Get rid of limiting beliefs surrounding money and love to help you manifest more abundance and love in your life

  • Get rid of negative mindsets and cultivate more positivity in your life to increase your happiness and sense of peace

  • Transition careers and discover a new passion and direction in your career

  • Attract new and better romantic relationships in your life

  • Build your business and attract new and better clients.

Whatever goals you are hoping to achieve in life, we will create a roadmap for you to achieve them and sustain them.  I will be right beside you working to help you make positive changes that will get you results.  


This program includes 4 sessions with me, plus, all access to me through messenger.  If a situation arises, and we don’t have a session scheduled, you can reach me through messenger.  It’s kind of like having your own 24 hour advisor.  How awesome is that?!


All sessions are done online through the Zoom app. 

My years of experience along with my intuitive gifts can help you figure out which direction to go in life.  Whether it is in your career, finances, or your personal relationships, I can help you see the clear path to your soul's true purpose.  Change can be scary, but stagnation is miserable.  Don't stay in a place of confusion and unhappiness.  Allow me to help you get back on track again.  Together we can create a life you love.  To book a session with me, purchase your session through PayPal below. You can schedule your session by emailing me at, or you can message me through my Reiki With Melissa Facebook page.  

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