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My Mission is to Help You Heal


Reiki With Melissa is a transformative healing and spiritual teaching company founded by Melissa Oatman, the creator of the popular podcast "Awaken Your Inner Awesomeness". With a deep passion for helping others, Melissa combines her role as a healer, channeler, teacher, intuitive, and loving mother to create a profound and life-changing experience for her clients. Melissa believes that our paths cross for a reason, and that the Universe guides us towards those who can truly assist us in living a better life.


Having personally experienced feelings of being lost, stuck, and unfulfilled, Melissa had a breakthrough in 2018 when she underwent a spiritual awakening and discovered her true purpose as a healer and spiritual teacher. This transformation ignited her desire to share her gifts and help others heal. At Reiki With Melissa, a wide range of services are offered to support individuals on their healing journey. From Reiki healing and education to card readings, one-on-one coaching, past life regression, and meditations, Melissa provides everything needed for clients to heal and align themselves for their highest good.


What sets Melissa apart is her unique approach to sessions. She doesn't simply tell clients what she sees and feels; she also takes the time to listen to their needs and desires. By working collaboratively with both her spiritual team and the client's spiritual team, Melissa creates a powerful healing experience that addresses the mind, body, and spirit. As a specialist in transformational life coaching, Melissa focuses on empowering women to find their purpose, achieve their goals, and manifest real, life-changing results.


Whether it's weight loss, career transitions, self-love, or healing past emotional wounds, Melissa's holistic approach ensures that all aspects of her clients' well-being are nurtured and supported. One of the remarkable aspects of Reiki With Melissa is the ability to receive healing from the comfort of one's own home. Through online sessions conducted via Zoom, Melissa performs Reiki, card readings, and coaching sessions, allowing clients to experience the powerful benefits of energy healing regardless of their physical location. Each Reiki session with Melissa is a personalized journey towards healing and transformation. She begins by consulting her spiritual team to determine the specific needs of the client for their highest good. Through open communication, Melissa addresses physical and emotional concerns, performs Reiki healing, balances the energy chakras, and concludes with a guided meditation.


Clients often describe feeling amazing after their sessions, experiencing a restoration of physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Reiki has the incredible ability to reduce both physical and emotional pain, restore balance to the body, and promote healthier sleep patterns. With Reiki With Melissa, clients can find peace and regain their sense of well-being. Allow Melissa's expertise and compassionate guidance to lead you on a path of healing, transformation, and inner peace.

You can either book a session directly from this site,  or you can contact Melissa through social media and email. Just click on the icon below to book through Facebook or Instagram. You can email Melissa at, or you can call or text at 636-748-4943 if you have questions. 

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