Past Life Regression

A past life regression is a guided meditation session where you will be taken to see your past lives.  We often carry karmic lessons with us from one lifetime to another.  If we don't learn the lessons we were supposed to learn in a particular lifetime, then it gets carried over to another lifetime.  In a past life regression, we can try to uncover the lessons that we are here to learn that way we can learn them here in this lifetime.  Many blockages to love and abundance lie hidden in a past life lesson.  When go back and heal those past life lessons, we are able to live a more joyful and abundant life in the present. 

  • Heal old emotional wounds

  • Get rid of limiting beliefs about love and money

  • Get a deeper understanding of challenges in your life

  • Alleviate pain and illness

  • Understand current relationship patterns

  • Forgive past behaviors

  • Release burdens from past behaviors

  • Dissolve the fear of death