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Past Life Regression

A past life regression is a guided meditation session where you will be taken to see your past lives.  We often display unconscious patterns of behaviors in life.  This can often manifest as self-sabotaging behaviors, which can wreak havoc on all of our relationships in life from our relationship with money to our romantic partnerships. In a past life regression, we can uncover your core wounding and identify any unconscious belief systems you hold.  Many blockages to love and abundance lie hidden in a past life lessons.  When go back and heal those past life lessons, we are able to live a more joyful and abundant life in the present. 

  • Heal old emotional wounds

  • Get rid of limiting beliefs about love and money

  • Get a deeper understanding of challenges in your life

  • Alleviate pain and illness

  • Understand current relationship patterns

  • Forgive past behaviors

  • Release burdens from past behaviors

  • Dissolve the fear of death

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