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10 Day Intensive Self-Love Challenge


Day 1 -  Re-framing your thoughts. 

  • Journaling exercise about your true feelings about yourself.

  • Recognizing your own strengths and capitalizing on them.


Day 2 - Cultivating a Day Full of Happiness and Abundance  

  • Starting with positive daily affirmations for self-love

  • Morning Shower Meditation

  • Starting Your Day with Gratitude


Day 3 - Tapping Into Self-Love

  • Self-Love Tappings created especially for you to help you clear blocks to self-love at the cellular level that is deep within your subconscious.


Day 4 - Boundaries Can be Beautiful

  • Journaling exercise to discover where you are giving too much.

  • Learning how to say no.  Journaling for how to set limits on other people taking your time.


Day 5 - Blast Through Beliefs

  • Getting rid of limiting beliefs surrounding yourself through journaling and hypnosis.


Day 6 - What does a healthy relationship look like?

  • Examining attachment styles and how it leads to over giving in relationships.


Day 7 - How does manipulation work?  

  • Setting boundaries continued.

  • Tips and tools for helping you maintain healthy boundaries, so you can’t be manipulated.


Day 8 - Release self-criticism and doubt.

  • Meditation for increasing thoughts of self-love.

  • Meditation for releasing fear and worry.


Day 9 - What is your purpose?  

  • Journaling exercise: What makes you feel fulfilled?  

  • Journaling Exercise: Letting go of things that do not serve you.


Day 10 - Saying yes to yourself 

  • Giving yourself time to do the things you love/discovering new passions.

  • Step outside your comfort zone activity.


10 Day Intensive Self-Love Course

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$14.00Sale Price
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