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You are Quitting too Soon

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Are you afraid that your manifestations are not coming to be simply because you’re not seeing physical proof. The Universe does not want you to give up. There is so much action going on behind the scenes. You are being asked to trust and have faith. You are so close to your miracles. Don’t give up now. Keep going. You’re on the brink of a breakthrough.

Manifestation is all about having faith and trust in the Universe. Are you focusing on what you don't want to see manifest, or are you focusing on what you want to see. Manifesting is all about feeling. It's all about energy. You have to raise your vibration in order to truly tap into your Divine manifesting power. What do you really want in life? The first step is deciding that. Then you need to focus on how it would feel to have that in your life. Show the Universe some gratitude and then go on about your day. Your blessings are coming. Stop blocking them with your doubting. You are a magical soul who can create all the beautiful things you want in life.

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