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Guided Meditations

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Chakra Clearing Meditation $11.11

When our energy chakras become blocked, it can cause physical or emotional illness.  This healing meditation balances those chakras and brings your body back to health.

Garden of Tranquility Meditation $12.12

If you are feeling tired, stressed, or emotionally drained, this meditation can restore your energy and reinvigorate you.

Rock Balancing

Physical and Emotional 

Healing Meditation $12.12

Cord Cutting Meditation $11.11

Third Eye Opening Meditation $11.11

When we experience emotional pain, it can causes blockages in all ares of our lives.  This meditation helps you heal from any past emotional trauma, so you can live a life that is free from blockages.

Do you need to let go of a past person or situation?  This meditation allows you to cut the cords to what no longer serves you, so ou can let go of the heavy emotional baggage.

Would you like to open your third eye?  Do you want to tap into your own internal GPS?  This mediation will help you to open your connection to source and to your higher self.

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