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Are you tired of feeling like an anchor is weighing you down, day in, day out? Do you feel a deep, unending sadness that you believe may never lift? You're not alone. My book, "Beautiful Mourning: A Guide to Life After Loss," can help you navigate these choppy waters.  You are not alone. Grief is messy, but I can help you heal. 

Here is what one reader had to say. "Through her poignant storytelling, Melissa Oatman takes you on an emotional rollercoaster, exploring the depths of grief and the light of hope. She shares her struggles, her triumphs, and the lessons she learned along the way, creating a relatable and empowering experience for readers. One of the key benefits of Beautiful Mourning is its ability to heal grief. It provides a safe space for you to process your emotions and find ways to honor your loved one's memory. The author's raw vulnerability and authentic voice offer a source of connection and understanding that can be immensely comforting during the grieving process."


My Story

I lost my mom to pancreatic cancer two years ago. After her death, I was angry, hurt, confused, and lost. My mom was my best friend. I did not know how to navigate a world without her.  She was my rock, my mentor, and my source of strength. Losing her felt like losing a part of myself. 

Grief can be debilitating, like a fog that won't lift, m

aking everything seem hazy and unclear. It can make your every day tasks feel like a mountain that's impossible to climb. My book is your guide, your lifeline, to pull you out of this fog and help you see clearly again.

"Beautiful Mourning" is not just another self-help book. It is a friend, a harbor in the stormy seas of loss and heartache. Built on personal experiences and founded on healing practices that have offered relief to thousands, this book embraces you in your time of grief and guides you toward light and life. 

This is not a book that asks you to forget or to suppress your feelings. Instead, it encourages you to honor your emotions, allowing you to progress organically through your grief. This journey is yours, and yours alone. 

But remember, you are not alone on this path. Like a comforting hand, "Beautiful Mourning" will walk with you, guiding you toward hope, and helping you find the strength to heal. 

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